Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Friendship

Met you in the café as you forwardly made our acquaintance,
Your affections at first smitten and simultaneously mine,
The brightness of your countenance almost at a shine,
Half decade of Life mourning suddenly he shall enhance,

Together, meals, moments and comets an unlikely friendship we do share,
Finding feet in the swirl, affections evolving embraces, in many public places,
Colossal and hirsute offering solace, significantly close paces,
Hindsight comes, pressures and occurrences, refrain beginning to ware or dare,

Off you are, time gone, remembrance arises, that clandestine feminin appears,
Dejection rendezvous, suddenly reality, mourning ensues relentless,
My affection in the wrong hands, altogether darkness never hid,
Hearken crying eyes, my affection in the wrong hands, unrequited all fears,
Relentless years of in clandestine pain, together seared, darkness endless,
Restraining love, mourning, innocent in His loving plan, not slid,

Liken to a soul mate’s Request, falls on seared and deafen ears, betrayal,
Wondrous hearing, crushing news, thunderous noise, obedience, pulpit nudges,
Sanity’s grasp foreworn, reinfusion, not forsaken, in His living portrayal,
Unconditional love, always, no curses, my chamber heart, not so amass twin pudges.
Unconditional love, restrained love, and reminiscent better to have The Beloved,
Endless darkness, temporal abode fleeting, Kingdom Come, Will Be Done.


I think I'll leave it. Now it fits Pantoums.
Sharon Rose T. ©


B. Roan said...

I enjoy the way this piece starts out lighthearted and ends on the dark side. Very well written. BJ

anthonynorth said...

A surreal trip through all the emotions of relationship.

Cynthia said...

Amazing poem. The teeling, the view
you give of this unlikely friendship, and how it grows
stormy and relentless. To be
redeemed by another Love a true
unconditional one.