Sunday, December 1, 2013

Not really Shoes

Your are boots, not really shoes!
You are indeed one of my fav'e,
Worn, I know, cure my blues.
Like at first site so to say.

Plain and comfortable, zips
Very tall, just a lot like me.
Just like my man, tall pips.
Worry totally out of my tree.

Should have bought two pair!
The mileage has me burdened.
Wonderful leather, people stare.                            
Knowing gray hairs have returned.

Hoping to find you soon, again                             
Every time you are worn thinner.                     
Smooth leather best, cow grain!
Greatest, got to find the winner!

Once a week, you get your turn.
May have been a sweet gift.
The sweetest at marvel bargain.
When you run out, I'll be in twist.

Just a plain jest, about tall me.
Soon I will have to again buy!
We have travelled the country.
Now the price four times, high!

Sharon Rose T. ©
pic by Sharon Rose  T ©