Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Romancing Stone

Chivalrous heroes jaunt,
occultist Virgil
Aeneid’s title haunt.
Naked cleansing with strigil,
this queen’s passions daunt.

Blooming renewal, regenerations
greenery and nestings continue.
Rebellions, birthing new nations.
Her prospects continue to ensue;
several end in stagnations.

As she aches for her king, spent
unable to be moved; rainy season
passion wanes with lament.
Confides with her sister of reason,
this queen wants it all, ‘Clark Kent’,

‘total package’ no consorts! Screech!
Is it possible, just slow paces, like an
exotic novel just out of her reach!
Illusive lover, form him, His plan
wings of angels, Song of Songs, speech,

praying for her admirer.
Begin Dog Days, met ardor
possible suitor, respectful enquirer.
His preoccupation, modernize his Tudor,
Seeking companion, from his decipher.

This suitor melts her indifferent stone.
‘Not Quite Her Old Love’, she sits ashore,
‘Friendship, Temperate, Wetlands’, intone.
Away he goes, she hears never more…
Dozens of suitors, stroll to woo in Arctic zone.

‘Stunning’, his word upon their departure!
Motionless, frozen in sidereal, final news.
“You are the only redeeming feature,
of my exploits,” he pens. Further, he woos,
“I would like to see you again.” Pure

honest desire for the raconteur,
‘a naturally beautiful woman,’ in fall.
Ahh! Shem Creek, beauty, God’s grandeur!
Football, fireworks…’one moment’ tops them all!
Sunsets of tangerines in puddles; in September.

The queen, the lady will submit; to her new king,
wonderful nightfall, music plays, gingerly
Dear Heart with ‘One Deciding Kiss’ melts, pulsing
heart to flesh and butterscotch. Tenderly
taming, his queen’s passion to lady with covering.

Sharon Rose T. ©2011

Virgil ancient writer: 70–19 E.B.C.
Aeneid ; Writing from Virgil considered to be used
by some occultist as a bible of sorts.
Clark Kent is a movie characters name in Superman.
Song of Songs is a Book in Christian bible.
Dog Days refer to August in summer.
*Not Quite Her Old Love, Friendship, Temperate,
Wetlands, Ahh! Shem Creek, One Deciding Kiss all
Poems from seasideauthor dot wordpress dot com.
My other sites. This is a summation of sorts.