Monday, November 17, 2014


together again like when
it all really began, thin
both are thinner now
revisits, renew, how?

her face a knowing grin
cautiously sees, him begin
revamping his life hoping
can possibly be coping

abandonment issues buried?
older now not really worried
can realize more? just the lover? 
might the gent decide to cover,

with his wings, as now life
onward without any strife
exhausted running for place
arrives in quiet lonely space

wordless in awe with joy
chattering words a decoy
serious today gone  boyish
adult lover strives feverish

to set relationship structure
fearing to eat for pleasure
sake, favorite ploy keep toys
none will try all other ploys

revisiting old writes of Jim
fear makes wonder, a shim-
mering hope, wishing men
would just be true, a grain

the size of a mustard seed
is woman forever a need?
all hoped for relationships
friend torches lamp; dips

wondering this very day
how to even help sway
a heart to fill with loving
for a person w/o shoving

once love ran away, twice
lover trips a sway, thrice
could be a charm, rock
the world, good stock

together,hearts fully care,
lost for words foolish stare
she will wait for his words
to flow, living in floods

of affections, of pleasures
although hers ear, endures
no verbiages of love is not
love a verb, of sharing, hot

wonderful long baths, movies,
meals, caress' of wows, weaves
in laughing, what is both visions
moving around both televisions

sports, comedies, dramas, and news
both love God and hope for views
of beauty and wonderment travel-
ing someday in comfort, grovel

daily in love with work. grappling
w/ possibly two will remaining
separated. private places needed
realizing lives passed, conceded

will guilt be permanent for them
we realize the dead are done, WM
cannot be the same, she drives
he does all the other strives.

revisit to see  how the'll work,
strangely, both have a big quirk
hope true love hits for him lurking
a past life of doing bunch of clerking

just a toy for a very grown up boy.
revisiting to clear any other decoy
what is reasonable span for elders
will they always keep two shelters.

Punished by society forever strain
resources of seniors, like a train
take their money, blast any security
total ruination of anything of surety

what we say we have we are
society does nothing to par
hungry, sit here missing you
guess I now, deserve to stew.

citations: WM  slang for Why Me?