Thursday, November 20, 2014

We Burst Into Song!

Sharon Rose T. ©

Photo by Anonymous 
©2014 "Myrtle Beach, SC"

we Burst into song,
as loves, we ride along
in a fire-pacing trike
more power than a bike

so many sights to see
life, as vacation, with glee
Bliss and so many to try
no boredom, never dry

many sunny bright skies
pleas no need for lies
onward the roads endless
generous with kindness

grounded somewhat vets
small tribe, various pets
good company is surely
renewed, closeness, purely

wind in our hair, the sun
at my back, tan must shun
a purple umbrella, waves
soothe souls, real saves
Photo by SRose

down in water, wind, ah, whip
through, w/o one view of a ship
so huge, much more than a pod,
so many dolphins, act of God.

hirsute, tan, beautiful smile,
accommodating w/ style,
very high strung gent,
sensitivity, his intent

as blinders dissolve, the twins
learn to blend with the spins
of flame, spend much time
as pair, experiences sublime

to  be continued.
Titled in May 2014
write started in Oct.